Wednesday, June 27, 2012

#TPitch - Pitch To Scott On Twitter TODAY! - It's Twitter Pitch Time!

Let's have some fun today. Time for TwitterPitch!

Starting at 7:00 AM Pacific Time Today (June 27, 2012) and ending at 2:00 PM Pacific Time Today, I will let  you pitch to me on Twitter. AND ONLY ON TWITTER. You have to follow the rules though so READ CAREFULLY!

Hashtag #TPitch
Genre Code: Contemporary Romance G1
                     Women's Fiction G2
                      Historical Romance G3
                      Paranormal Romance  G4
                      Romantic Suspense G5
                      Harlequin Romance G6
                      Harlequin Inspirationa G7
 That will leave you 129 characters for your pitch.

Things to remember:
  • I do not represent YA
  • Greyhaus only represents romance and women's fiction
  • I do not represent erotica
  • Stories must be at least 75,000 words in length unless for Harlequin
  • I do not represent authors wishing to strictly write e-pub or self-pub
  • I am not interested in projects already published (and that includes self-pub)
I will answer these as quickly as possible on Twitter!
Answers will be as follows:
  • No
  • Synopsis Only
  • First 3 chapters
  • Full
You will not get a reason why on a no.

All requested material must come via email to Scott at the agency ( as follows:

Subject Line: Requested Material TPitch - [your twitter name]

Material will be attached in RTF format

Body of the Email should contain all of your contact information and any additional information you feel you need to include.

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