Monday, October 22, 2007


I have to say, before I go any futher, that I am not being discrimitory here. I do not hold anything against the Gay and Lesbian population. I am all for gay and lesbian marriages. Heck, the majority of those relationships last longer that heterosexual relationships.

But why does Rowling have to add this element to Harry Potter.

According to the Tacoma News Tribune in today's paper, Albus Dumbledore is gay. Yep. Check out the link

Was this really necessary?

Now, does this make the story any less of a great story. No. But I do question Rowling's announcement.

Frankly, when I read the article this morning, I almost spit my coffee out.

Here's the thing. I do honestly believe that authors throw stuff like this into their books to "make them better." I really wish that authors would finally learn to go back to the basics and just tell a great story and quit trying to "add" just to throw a twist to the book.


  1. This was for publicity. See the steps? She tried announcing the religious messages to publicity. She tried photos...that didn't help. So they knew if they said this, it would bring some much-needed publicity to her tour.

    Just so happens, I had no clue she was in America until this came out, and she was front page all weekend. Her PR's mission is accomplished.

    She's got a genius running the PR. Every time a book came out, there was always some robbery, leak or whatnot that got her front page again.

  2. Yeah, I agree with you Kaleb -- that's a powerful publicity machine.

    Doesn't she already have enough money?

  3. Yes, I understand it is publicity but I have to say that I still think adding elements like this into a story just to stir up controversy doesn't make it a better story.

    Just my thoughts.