Saturday, November 24, 2007

You are not the exception

I am really getting fed up with people submitting stories to me with this belief that they have a legitimate reason to submit something that: 1) is something I don't represent; 2) is something I will look at even though I am not open to submissions right now; and 3) even if I was accepting submissions, they could submit different material than what I ask for.

Come on people!

I just finished an article for the RWA San Francisco chapter discussing a portion of this idea. One of the things an agent is looking for in a writer is someone we can work with. We do not want someone who can not follow the rules.

Now, either these people can't read (which is further justification) or they are setting themselves up for a good old rejection.

Now, there are some people who submit during this time that I do honestly look at. For some of these people, based on what they are using for contact information, it is just out of date. They were looking in a past edition of the RWR or something. I can justify that one. I can't justify those that are just not with the game.

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