Wednesday, January 23, 2008


O.K. so I'm tired so bear with me as I babble, but hey, that's what this site is for anyway, right?
So, I started teaching a class on Writing the Novel. I love working with new writers. They still have the energy and drive to try new things and haven't been bogged down with all of the gimicks out there. Really a great group of people. Their first project? Develop a high concept story and pitch. If they do this right, they should beat themselves up all week.

Of course I teach this class at night time so after going all day (beginning at 5:30 am) that last class ending at 8:30 is a real killer. Still a glass of wine, some light snacks and it makes the evening come to a great close.

Still working on finding some great rates for that trip to Matera, Italy in Sept. Gosh, where are those deals when you want them.

Well, off to dig around some more.

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