Thursday, April 24, 2008

Critical thinking and writing

I am a firm believer that most of the errors writers are making these days, both in the actual craft and the submission process, are stemming from a lack of critical thinking skills. People are just not using their brains.

Think about this...
- I'm sending a manuscript to someone that isn't looking for the type of work I write?

- I have crafted a story that even I would never read.

- The characters in the story are not like anyone we would see on the street. The only exception would be really bad soap operas and Jerry Springer.

- We "blog" about people we hate or mention things on loops and assume the people we mentioned didn't see it?

- We go to conferences and act far from professional, and then get upset when someone sees you acting like a jerk (generally at a bar).

Basically, here's what I'm saying... THINK. why are you doing the things you are doing? Is this really helping?

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