Thursday, April 10, 2008

No easy ways

It seems we are living a society full of people that believe there are always loopholes and there is an easy way to do everything. Does anyone ever realize that some things do take time and yes, some things are difficult.

I just finished a couple of classes where people really were believing that by simply following a couple of small clues, and doing a couple of tricks, the writing would be amazing. Argh, it doesn't work that way.

Do people even think anymore.

Off topic now....

If you are a Disneyland freak, you need to check out the 50th Anniversary History of Music CD Collection. It is expensive but you get complete soundtracks to all of your favorite rides and attractions at the park, including those not there...

The Monorail
The People Movers
The Original Submarines.

Totally cool!

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