Monday, May 19, 2008

Category does not mean shorter writing

O.K. I know the word count is shorter so don't get on my case already. I just wanted to say that writing for category houses involves much more than simply writing shorter stories. The same holds true for single title houses. What we are focusing on is the level of depth the writer is going into for both the characters and the plot.

If you take the time to really research and study category romances, what you will find is an amazing use of word economy. This simply means that through the successful use of carefully placed descriptions and narration, or great dialogue, the stories can accomplish what single title people take a paragraph or two to complete.

I think the other thing to look at is the focus of the story. I think one of the best anaologies I can come up with is that category romances really are the classic example of "the short story." Sure, they are novel length but for the most part, the reader is following one central story arch.

Just some thoughts for the night. Now, I'm off to finish working on submissions and then to continue prepping that Marking Your Fiction Novel Class.


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  1. Thanks for the great discussion. You wouldn't want to expand into a one or two sentence short theme for a couple of the lines would you? (please and thank you? :)