Friday, May 2, 2008

Revisiting old writing

Every now and then, I talk to writers that go back to older works to see if they can do something with the darn things. In fact, I have actually had some time lately to do that with a couple of WIP's of my own.

I highly recommend taking the time to do this every now and then. This is not to say that you will be able to do anything with the writing, but it will give you a sense of your own growth as a writer. For some of you, this exploration will give you a sense of how much you have actually improved.

For some of you, this will also be a chance for you to potentially make those improvements in a story you had lost all hope of several years ago. Think about this... when do you come up with your best ideas? For most, it is when you aren't actually working on the project.

My father in law and I always joked about the fact that we came up with the best ideas for lesson plans in the middle of church. Must have been the divine inspiration.

As for myself, it hit me coming home from work last night of how to fix this WIP that I really love but I've been stuck on it for close to 3 years. I'm off to work on it this weekend (after I finish all of the submissions and work for my current writers).

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