Thursday, July 17, 2008

But she got more than me...

Marsha, Marsha Marsha....

Remember that line? Jan was always complaining that Marsha got this or Marsha got that. By the end of the run of The Brady Bunch, we were pretty much sick of that snivling little Jan.

I bring this up because I hear this all of the time in the publishing industry from writers that are bitter because someone got something that they wanted. People complain that someone got signed by an agent and they didn't. People complain that someone had an offer for a book before they did. The complain that someone got more money in an advance than they did. The list goes on and on.

Now, is there some truth to this? Sure. The publishing world doesn not just give the same offer for everyone just for the sake of being equal. Some people do get more and some people just won't get anything.

The deal is this. There are multiple reasons why someone got something that another writer didn't get. No, this does not mean that there was some slimey behind the door business going on. It simply means that there is more than the outside people know about why something happened.

Writing is a competitive market. We are all playing for the same number of slots out there on the book shelf. Not everyone is going to get that chance that they are begging for. Some people will get more. That's just the way it is. Being a professional writer though means an understanding of why things turn out the way that they do.

Being professional also means not having that petty attitude and whining because you didn't get something. Spreading rumors and lies will only hurt you in the end, especially if it looks like you have no proof to back up your claim.

Just think!

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  1. It's like I tell my kids...LIFE'S NOT FAIR!

    Hey, I was HAPPY with my first check for writing, and it was a mere $11.53 (which was actually from a magazine publisher whose first name is Marsha). I was THRILLED!

    It shouldn't be so much about the money, as it is doing what you love.

    :) Terri