Saturday, July 12, 2008

Publishing is a 7 day a week business

Break? What's that?

In the publishing business, there is simply no time for a break. This is one of those jobs that require the participants to be thinking work all of the time.

Editors and agents work all day in the office and then return home to do more work. This weekend, for example, I have a load of work on my plate.

1) Finish a critique
2) Prep for next weekend's conference and presentation
3) Read submissions
4) Read and respond to the online Marketing Your Fiction Novel Class (if you haven't checked this out yet, visit the website. Next class starts in Sept.
5) Respond to e-queries.

And then we have the work around the house:
1) The two oldest kids have two swim meets this weekend
2) The youngest has her swimming Saturday morning
3) Have to make a trip to the grocery
4) Might make a trip to Nordstroms
5) Catch up on professional contacts outside of publishing
6) Mow the lawn

Writers.... I don't want you to let up either. Every single day, you need to do something for your writing. Write a chapter, outline the next scene, research something for your character, market you upcoming book, set up a book tour, update your website, and if you are a great friend of mine from RWAOL, be like Claire and start packing your shoes for Nationals!


  1. Critique finished.
    Submissions read (although I still have e-queries to do)
    Online class updated
    Swim meet went well.
    Youngest did great at swimming
    Grocery done. (off to make homemade pasta now)
    Load of laundry in right now.
    Will do lawn mowing when wife gets home to hang out with kids.


  2. lol--every time you say, "homemade pasta", I think of the Bertolli commercial. You have a full schedule.