Thursday, July 31, 2008

Updates from Nationals

This has been a really busy day but I'm finally back at the room.

I had a chance to meet some great people today. If you pitched to me, make sure to follow through and send those manuscripts. I want to personally thank several of the groups that I had a chance to meet with. Although it may have been a brief meeting, I want you to know I appreciated getting the chance to talk to you.

Thanks go out to:

I am sure I'll be seeing a lot of you in the next couple of days as well.

As far as things I've heard, everyone is really looking for new and unique stories (seems to me I say this all of the time). Essentially, if your story is like at least one other person's story out there, in all likelyhood, your story is not unique. Paranormals are still plugging away but they are really looking for some great futuristics (check out the information from TOR). Women's fiction is looking for stories that really deal with women going though something dramatic in their life. It may just be one serious dramatic moment, but show us the growth this person goes through. We want to hear about how these women deal with this stress. Reduce the baggage and focus on that one issue.

I'll keep my ear out there and see what else I can find out.


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