Saturday, August 23, 2008

Agents walk on water...NOT!

This has really been bugging me for some time and I finally found the right words that I need to say this with.

Do agents walk on water? Is what they say really the golden words we all want to hear? How about those editors?
No, I don't think so. Unfortunately, I think there is this perception that when an editor or agent says something, especially on their blogs, that their thoughts are the end all be all of the writing world. Think about it, how many times have you seen something show up on a loop and it is eventually passed around to the other loops. Something like, "Well, you know, according to Agent A____ this is the way you should do it."

We need to stop immediately and remember the other thing that most editors and agents say. This business is purely subjective. What works for one editor may not work for another. The same for agents. We all see things differently and certainly approach the writing business from different angles. Is one better than the other. Personally, I would have to say no. How many times have you heard me make the comment about agents that you have to find the right fit for you as a writer when signing an agent. The same with the comments.

So, when you get out there to surf your favorite blogs and see what the latest golden words of wisdom they come up with, remember, that is all that you are seeing. WORDS. Words from one person in this very huge business of publishing.



  1. I was going to leave some kind of witty post, but couldn't decide how.
    Because I'm not witty, lol
    So, I'm sorry you have to rant. I think people with certain levels of authority deal with this hero-worship alot.
    I definitely look up to agents because I know the good ones are smart and business savvy. Maybe they'll open doors for me, maybe not. Either way, your opinion does carry more weight than the average person. You're a professional in the business I'm trying to break into.
    You're kind of like a celebrity.
    Hahaha, but I'll try not to swoon if I ever meet one of you walking down the halls of a conference.

    As far as I know, only two men ever walked on water, and one of them ended up sinking.

  2. Jessica,

    I think the point I wanted to make is to not simply view one editor or agent as the end all be all of knowledge. I know that I look at what everyone is saying and then synthesize all of the information into what is going on. I think that too often, writers jump on the bandwagon of one person and trust only their word.
    Big mistake!

  3. Don't worry. Point's taken. I was just trying to be funny.