Sunday, August 24, 2008

Attention Writers

If you have received a rejection letter from me in the past...


The rejection stated the story and/or voice was too category for what I was looking for...


The story would fit the guidelines for one of the category lines...

Feel free to submit the story to me again.

In the cover letter, make sure to follow all of the guidelines for submitting category stories to Greyhaus but also, please state when you submitted the story to me and the response you received. I do have record of the submissions but sending a copy of the letter/email with the response would certainly be a big help.

Hey, how often do you get a second chance for submissions?


  1. Kello Scott,
    Forgive me, but could you give us the Three Second definition of "categoty" once more? ? In particular, for your purposes? Yes, I did read the last post in which you discussed there being more to it than "more words."
    I really enjoy writing for the Single Title category.\, and am working on something that appealed to me, set in the mid-1800's in England and Scotland, a historical romance based on actual events. It would be much closer to the dark and unsettling kind of book written by Tess Gerritson,than a light-hearted romance. With agents clamoring for erotica and "smoldering sex," I thought it was time to base a novel on the "smoldering" changes in English law regarding the free use of lower-class women and girls by upper-class males, and the social uproar that followed when women refused to obey these news laws. Like so much of British history, it's a great story, and would make a very dark and sensual novel, i have no doubt, not to mention a romance between people of very different social classes.
    Now that you are considering women's fiction as well, do you think you will ever consider this genre?
    As always, thank you. I don't think i will ever be able to confine myself to category, as i understand it. There are too many wonderful stories based on real events in human history, and the ways in which people reacted to them. As in "Titanic." What could top that? Or "Gladiator," based on the real slave revolts in Rome.
    Thank you.

  2. Anon,

    Category romance, as you noted is more than simply word count. There is a specific voice and what you tend to find is a focus more heavily on the relationship building of the hero and heroine and not much beyond that. Sure there are sub-plots but the focus is heavily on the one element.

    In terms of women's fiction, I am looking for a wide range of things. Just because there isn't a romance that is the central focus of the story would not make it a women's fiction. I am really looking for stories in this genre that focus on the female journey.