Thursday, September 18, 2008

Checking in before checking out

Sorry I haven't been online for a bit. I've been busy prepping for the Women's Fiction Festival.

I want to let you know though, I have been carefully following all of your comments on line and I love the interest.

Will check in with all of the great details from Italy!

See you back on line in October.


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  1. Aaarrrrgh...posted comment on the last blog instead of this one. Meanwhile, the DMLA agency has posted their fall list of plotlines they are willing to consider, AND, this month, given examples of recently published books that they found acceptable. If you follow the J. Jackson blog, you will have noticed that she reads hundreds of queries every week, and very seldom, one or two, asks to see more. , so it is very nice to see a llist of books that they like, in the suggested genre. Wish more agencies would do this.