Monday, October 13, 2008


Attention Historical Writers!!!!

On Oct. 31st we will have four guest bloggers here on Babbles. Harlequin Historicals is launching in November a new E-Book Line under their Undone series.

Make sure to swing by and chat with these authors. They are some great ladies and I am sure you would love to hear about their writing.



  1. Scott, I heard that Bronwyn Scott is your wife. Is this true?

    And if so, how does having your wife as a client affect your dealings with your other clients?

  2. Hey Scott,
    Perhaps when you have waded through all the irrelevant stuff, as in to whom you are married, whatever, you might tell us what readily-available book we might read in order to see a good example of "a woman's journey." I notice many agents want you to state "what lesson is learned by the leads," but this always sounds too much like a boring educational read. I would particularly like to see an example of a woman's journey in a historical. They did not have a lot of choices, unless one verges into fantasy, which many writers do, in a so-called historical. No problem, if this is what one knows one is purchasing.
    As for the rest of this stuff, it is certainly no one else's business. Thank you for all of the information you have shared with us to date.

  3. As far as women's fiction goes, what I am hearing editors ask for is to see a writer pick an everyday issue that women face and show us how they work through this. Unfortunately, what I am seeing is that many authors try to pile on a lot of other issues making the story often too confusing and complicated.

    Some great ideas could be:
    Moving on after divorce.
    Working in a job that might be dominated by men.
    Dealing with a disease and how they cope with it.
    Juggling work and families.

    The list is endless, but the key is to keep it focused.

  4. Anon,

    Yes, Bronwyn Scott is related to me but it has absolutely no impact on relations with other clients or for that matter with editors.

    All writers still have the same hoops to jump through when it comes to getting published. All writers still have to pass stories by me first and meet the standards I expect before I will sign them and she is no exception.

    I should also note that when I review work of all my writers, she gets in line with the rest of them and there have been times when it is a couple of weeks before I can get to her editing because other people have more urgent matters (contracts, book proposals and the like).

    Publishing is like many other businesses out there where there are relationships within the confines of the working relationship. As long as the guidelines are clear and the rules remain the same for everyone things work great.

  5. Scott, thank you for answering my question about Bronwyn Scott.

    I appreciate the detailed response.

  6. Advice in waiting? Manuscript sent and two months left in the ticks of time before I bear my name and inquire. In the meantime, I write and write and write through the wait. Yet I still have to say this indeterminate state seems rather close to purgatory and it’s one of the reasons why I left the monastery in the first place (just kidding.) I have read all my comfort books…The Windflower, Black Silk, The Secret Pearl and still I check my e-mail like Emily Dickson’s pinning for a letter. Perhaps I’m just getting a little nervous because Halloween is around the corner and chocolate in the next vice next to fun reads and I stand quivering.

  7. Tics, Dickinson and pining...God help me

  8. Best advice I ever got was to begin, or go back to, the next project immediately. Go to the bookstore and look for books that resemble the Ms you sent off. Those writers got published-you have not been yet. Best advicE i ever gave myself was to go through their books line by line, and try to understand why an agent chose their books to be printed. Start writing down every way that your next book can be better. Really dive into this.
    The ms you sent off is out of your control. Let it go and put that energy into learning everything you can about effective writing. As for cholcolate, go for it. Food Of The Gods. They will share.

  9. Scott, not sure how it happened, but my title got erased off my book cover for "The Viking's Forbidden Love-Slave." I have a jpg file on my website, if you want that. :)

    But hey, it's neat seeing more of my hero's chest! LOL.