Thursday, October 30, 2008

Guest Blogger - Amanda McCabe

“Dark decisions”—I think I’m a nice person in general, but I do enjoy facing my characters with these life-changing choices! Choices that change who they are, challenge their relationship, and maybe even have no clear “right” answer. In Shipwrecked and Seduced, both my hero and heroine face some serious decisions.

The heroine, Maria, is a maidservant to a Spanish countess who is on her way to the New World in 1535 to be married. The ship breaks up in a terrible storm, everyone is killed—except Maria. She is taken unconscious to the governor’s fortress in Santo Domingo, where she’s mistaken for the countess. When she decides to go on with the masquerade, there’s no going back—especially when she meets Carlos de Alameda, royal warrior and spy!

As for Carlos—he, too, makes a decision to keep a secret. Or two or three. But I’ll leave it to the story to reveal what that is…


  1. I love shipwreck stories. Can't wait to read this one!

  2. I like picking up survival tips--like how to drink out of coconut or where to find fresh water. You can learn so much from romance novels.

  3. Hmm... those are pretty big secrets! It's always fun to see how the truth eventually gets out ;)

  4. These shipwreck stories are always fun because of the tons of different solutions to the relationships. Ooooo, I love trying to figure out how the story will play out. Keep me guessing and I keep reading.