Thursday, October 30, 2008

Guest Blogger - Michelle Willingham

Dark Moments by Michelle Willingham

The stories of Viking raids struck terror into the hearts of most villagers. When I wrote "The Viking's Forbidden Love-Slave," I knew there would be an inherent darkness to the tone, but I also wanted it to be seductive. Instead of a hero who gloried in war, I wanted a man uneasy about the death and destruction. A tormented hero, if you will.

When he takes Aisling Ó Brannon captive, his intentions are to trade her for his sister's life. In the story's darkest moment, he must face the worst choice of all—choosing between a family member and the woman he learns to love.


  1. Good morning to all! Please feel free to stop by today and post a question or a comment about Undone. We'll be giving away a free download to a lucky winner!

    So who's your fantasy man? Who would you like to sweep you away?

  2. My fantasy man is Hugh Jackman in Kate and Leopold. Manly, AND Sensitive and easy on the eyes. And did I mention smart too? I love the scene where he humbles the braggart (the boss at the dinner date with Kate).

  3. So, will these be bundled, or do we get to buy each one separately? And how many words per each (are they shorts, novellas or what)?

    Penn (aka ftworthmom)

  4. Wow--I love the premise of VFLS (the title still gives me the giggles ;)) I can't imagine facing such a grim decision--what a horrible choice!

    Hmm... fantasy man? Would it horribly evil to say someone who looks, like Hugh Jackman, but is also a cleaning/cooking fanatic, AND who doesn't mind a bit of clutter? ;) Actually, my husband is all the most important things, so I'm a pretty blessed woman!

    Congrats on being part of Undone! Is this an ongoing thing for eHarlequin?

  5. A Viking not enthralled with the glory of battle? That must have been a challenge.

    Fantasy man? I think I married him. He fills up my gas tank when its on empty. He is a devoted father who makes up excuses not to go the Saturday night poker game so he can stay home with his family. He can cook and will offer to do the dishes if I'm too tired.

  6. I cannot wait to read this book. Hope I am LUCKY enough to win the download!!!

  7. Bronwyn--you know I'd forgotten about that movie! I need to go rent it. Haven't seen it before, but it looked good.

    Penn--you would buy the Undone of your choice. Whoever is the winner will receive a coupon code to apply at check-out. :) They are short stories, around 10-15,000 words (40-60 pages), but all are connected to a full length book. So in a way, it's like you're getting a glimpse of characters who now have their own story. TVFLS is connected to my print book that's out right now, HER WARRIOR SLAVE.

    Flchen1--Great title, isn't it? :) And any man who does household work is a fantasy man in my book.

    Undone will do 4 e-books this month and then one a month after that. It's a brand new line, so you'll see lots of different styles of sexy historical stories.

    Good luck, Pat and Rene! Rene, your hubby sounds wonderful. :)

  8. Warren Beatty in Love Affair for me, Bronwyn!

  9. We forget that many vikings did eventually settle in England and intermarry with locals, so they can't ALL have been bad! Good luck with this one, Michelle, it sounds darkly passionate, just right for Halloween!

    Melinda Hammond/Sarah Mallory

  10. LOL Melinda, quite right! My mother's family come from East Anglia for generation after generation and I like to think that are the descendents of the Vikings even though the records don't go back that far, of course. No harm with retaining some of that Viking blood - and some of their rather attractive characteristics as well!

  11. I'm only just realizing about Undone now. Sounds like great stories. I will be checking them all out!!

  12. Melinda--yes, and in Ireland, too. Definitely there were women who were more than happy to marry a Viking. ;)

    Good luck to all!

  13. This is so interesting. I keep reading that agents do NOT want to see ANY more brooding, tormented heroes, but that is exactly what readers are buying, and what your guests seem to be writing as leads. Can you give us any guidance on this? Must one be an established author before one can write about brooding heroes? Heroes with issues ? Very frustrating to new authors to make sense of this one! Thank you.

  14. Anonymous...

    I would have to say there is a difference between dark and brooding. Really, the dark and mysterious guys tend to be like those great romantic paranormals we see. Very seductive with a lot of secrets.

    Brooding are just plain depressing guys. I can honestly say, these women have not created characters that are depressing.