Friday, February 13, 2009

Follow up and Listen

This issue came up with one of my writers and I think it is a great example of what all authors, new or old should be doing. I think, unfortunately, that many times writers are unable and/or unwilling to listen to what other people have to say about their writing.

Let me give you the situation.

We recently submitted a story to an editor. Just yesterday we received a comment back that after reviewing the proposal, the editor would likely pass but wanted to still see the full manuscript. Now the message I received was a bit vague but we still wanted to proceed. In other words, if the situation was one that could be remedied, we wanted to do something about it.

I put a call into the editor and we talked today. Sure enough, the situation was one that could be fixed and we had a very favorable conversation. The writer is now taking those suggestions and working them into the story.

Now the moral of this is simple. We followed up after a comment and were able to make the changes. Instead of simply looking at the comments and not doing anything, we moved ahead. This is also something that writers can do that are still in the process of securing that first contract. If you get a response back that is a bit vague, take the time, and find out more. No, you might not be able to submit the story again, but you can certainly use that information for future manuscripts.

It is amazing what asking a question will get you!!!


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