Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another year


I'm one year older.

I quit thinking about birthdays a while ago. I think part of the reason simply stemmed from the fact that I was often working on my birthday and rarely celebrated it with my family. Heck, I have given final exams on my birthday.

But you know something? As I look back on this day, I realized that I have accomplished a heck of a lot in my life. Sure I may not be filthy rich, but I have a lot to show for what I have done with this ___ of years (and you thought I would tell).

So what I am I doing today? I am taking the day off. No, I am not planning on relaxing or pampering myself (although the thought of a massage sounded pretty dang good). I am simply going to stay at home, crank my liveireland.com live feed from Dublin and clean house. Yes, I know that sounds bizzare, but hey, it will be quiet and I can reflect!


  1. You're in good company...my __nd was only ten days ago and I feel wiser already. (Okay, not that much wiser, but maybe a little.) Happy Birthday, Scott!

  2. Happy Birthday.

    Hope you enjoy your day of peace and relaxation. :)

  3. Happy Birthday.

    Love the liveireland.com idea --a perfect way to celebrate.

  4. Happy birthday, Scott. My birthday tradition for the past few years has been to make a list of blessings from the past year, and another of hopes and goals. Items on each list = my age. Takes the pressure off New Year's, too!

  5. Happy Birthday, Scott...may the road rise to meet you; may the wind be always at your back, etc. Peace and prosperity to you, BW

  6. De-lurking to wish you a belated Happy Birthday, Scott. I hope you enjoyed your day and your reflection time - and had a good glass of wine (if that's your cup o' tea :)


  7. Is there a touch of luck being born on St. Patrick's day?

    Cheers to a smart way to spend a birthday sans the housecleaning. Happy belated birthday!!