Monday, June 15, 2009

Why Histgoricals?

An author asked me once why I was drawn to historicals? Hadn't really thought of it before but as I look back, I realized this was something that required some serious thinking.

So I did this weekend.

When I look at stories in many of the other sub-genres, it is all about world building, or simply a reflection on what we currently see and know. In other words, if I place a story in the Pacific Northwest, all I have to do is look outside. Been there done it so now it is just a matter of translating what I see into paper.

With the paranormals, sci-fi's and fantasy's I just create the world that I want in my head. Nothing can go wrong. I don't even have to worry about making sure I get the facts right since it is all up to me.

But historicals, I think, IMHO are a completely different story and require more attention to detail. Historical fiction is about portraying a time that we really only know about from research. We can't make up the facts of the French Revolution since we already know it happened and we already know the outcome. Where it becomes difficult for the writers of this genre, is to place their characters accurately in that time, and to have them behave properly for that time.

As I think about this genre, I guess I am just impressed at the work and dedication that a quality historical author displays in this task. In the end, it is more about the execution than simply good writing or a good plot.

Make sense?

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