Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Busy Day...Sometimes refreshing

I just realized as I sat down to work through some submissions that I hadn't logged in today. Woops. It has been one of those days.

But I have to say, as I ran around today like a chicken with my head cut off, I did realize there was a benefit to all of this. I had the chance to really get some good project development ideas worked out in my head. These had been projects that I had been strugglign with for so long and now the answers just fell into my lap.

I think this is something more authors need to consider doing. There will be times when you are madly working through a problem with your story and it just doesn't seem to work out the way you want it. When this happens, move on.

What you will often find is that the work you do on something other than your writing will allow your brain to relax enough to find the solution you need. Sometimes, working too hard on a project creates a serious case of tunnel vision.

So tomorrow - take the day off and see what develops. Who knows, you might find a lot of answers you need.


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