Saturday, October 10, 2009

Meeting with authors

Just got back this morning from a quick trip up to the Emerald City Writer's Conference just 40 minutes north of me to meet with one of my authors.

I love getting together with my authors and simply chatting. Sure, we take time to "talk shop" but most of that time is just a chance to re-connect with what we are doing in our lives. It is this "meeting with authors" that really makes me love my job.

I think that too often agents attend conferences and really don't spend enough time just getting to know the writers. I personally believe that if we can decrease the gap between the writers and the professional side of the business, we might see some great things arise with the publishing world.

Of course, that does mean that we need to get out there to more and more conferences. My author today questioned why I wasn't attending the conference here in Seattle. In many ways, it is like the New Jersey conference. The chapter doesn't have to pay for much. The simple answer is, I wasn't asked.

So, this is my challenge for all of you writing chapters out there. If you want to have editors and agents visit, all you have to do is ask. Unless they are already booked somewhere, they may come and talk. I know I would!

Off to work on some proposals before an anniversary weekend.


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