Friday, October 23, 2009

SCWW Day 1 Check in

Hey all!

Well, after a long flight, made it into Myrtle Beach last night by 11:30 PM. After a quick pizza it was time for a quick sleep and then off and running.

Will be presenting today on Marketing Your Fiction Novel to Editors and Agents today. Loving those light days!

Have to spend this morning reviewing client's latest project.

Observation #1 - There are a lot of writers that really need to take some time to understand the business. I overheard a conversation this morning and a writer was talking about how the purpose for this conference was to sell that manuscript.

Um, no!

Sure, there are chances to network but selling the manuscript at a conference is highly unlikely. It is still going to come down to reading and reviewing the project before it even gets close to the published level.

More later!


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