Friday, October 2, 2009

When Things Go Wrong

So, as I sit here watching the news about the Olympics (my son swims and is shooting for the 2016 games), I, like many, were shocked at the news about Chicago. Am I frustrated? Sure. But do we dwell on something like this? No. Changing venues for the Olympics in no way slows my son down for his desire to swim. And guess what? The same goes for writers.

There will be a ton of times when we receive news that is less than favorable. We may get a rejection. We may get a negative review. Deal with it.

I remember reading a while ago a book by the creater of USA TODAY. He stated that he never worries about things. When I first saw this, I disagreed. And then I read further. His comment was simple. When something goes the way he doesn't want, he realizes he has two options. If the problem can be fixed then he goes out to find the solution and do something about it. If it can't be fixed, he simply doesn't worry about it and moves on. Learn from it and make sure you don't make the mistake next time around.

As a writer, you need to keep writing and you need to learn from mistakes, especially if you get a rejection. Examine your work and make the necessary changes to improve your writing.


And one final note. I want to commend the coordinators of the US Olympic Committee for their efforts with Chicago. You did a great job! Now let's move on to the games and show the world the professionalism of our great athletes!


  1. How much rejection is enough to tell you to move on to a new project? I know this is a hard question, but if you've received a couple of rejections say versus twenty, do you keep the faith in your project until you've exhausted some magic number out there? BarbW

  2. Yes, great job guys!

    The president’s 14-hour trip to Copenhagen and back cost taxpayers about $790,000 to $1.4 million.

    And let's not forget Michelle's plane. And all of the cabinet members who were on the clock. And the secret service. And transporting the president's limo overseas.

    Great job indeed.