Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Clarifying a comment

So a writer sent me a quick tweet question regarding my reference to 3rd person Omniscient.


Yes, in that style of writing, the “speaker” would know everything. The problem I think I meant to express was that many authors are not writing in 3rd person omniscient but in 1st person narrative. While they might not be using the full level of 1st person, the perspective of the scene is in a single character’s mind. In these cases, the writer cannot treat it as 3rd person Omniscient.


On a side note, I have met writers lately claiming they write everything in 3rd person Omniscient. While this sounds good, there would be no introspection or depth to the characters and it would become all telling and no showing. Not one of the strongest ways of drawing a reader into the story.


Scott C. Eagan



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