Thursday, December 17, 2009

E-Book Battle May Be a Positive Sign

I want to begin first by saying, I am still a book person. Although I love the latest gadgets out there, and I do have all of the new e-book readers on my Christmas list (will likely get the carpet cleaning that I asked for though), I am still someone that loves the feel of books. I have to say, that I do believe a lot of other people out there are in my camp as well. However, with that said, the current e-book battle raging right now might be a sign that people may take up reading again. As someone who supports literacy, this could be good.

Now, do I think this means that more and more e-publishers will start showing up and controlling the market? No, I don't think that will happen. Sure, companies will start diving on the bandwagon to market to authors wanting to ride the digital wave, but I have to say, they will not be the ones controlling the market. It will still be the larger publishers that will see the e-book market as simply an extension to their existing business.

I have to say, though, the traditional book market will have a long way to go before disappearing. Heck, when computers came out, we thought every home would have one now. This is far from the case. There is still a large population of people out there, for what ever reason, can not afford the technology. Given a choice between a Kindle and groceries, they will take groceries.

But what about the lates move by Stephen Covey marketing exclusively to Kindle? Will this cause problems? No way. There are already other companies (Harlequin being one) that have an electronic line and writers submit books only in that format? Has that detracted from their business? No way. Instead, it has increased their business. When someone buys one of those electronic books, they go out and get the others only in print format.

The ultimate change that I think we will see is the increase of readers. Maybe with these e-readers, people may simply get hooked on reading. They couldn't get to the library and they didn't ever want to be caught dead in a book store, but now, in the privacy of their own home, they can get those books.

I don't think any of us can make a prediction about the outcome. We can only wait to see once the dust settles.

And remember Santa, Scott wants a new E-Reader!



  1. which E-reader is on your wish list? I've had a Kindle for a year now and actually read more books this year than the previous 3 years combined.

    love mine! hope you get yours!

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