Thursday, January 21, 2010

Agent's Traveling Wish List

This one goes out to writing chapters and conference coordinators...

I guess with the crudy weather we're having here in the Pacific Northwest it got me thinking about places I would love to see. So, with that said, here are the places I would love to visit.

  • Alaska
  • Hawaii
  • The Southwest (AZ, NM etc.)
  • The Northeast (Maine, Delaware, Conn. etc.)
  • Deep South (LA, GA, etc)

Don't worry international people... Anywhere would be fine with me.

What am I saying? Ugh, I need a trip.


1 comment:

  1. Oh man, I love that comment,Scott. "Remember the excitement of writing that you once had all the time..." and the rest. Oh yeah. it wasn't until I gave up the berserk quest to be published that I found it again.
    I was really ruining the rest of my life in this mad dash, not to mention all of my relationships. Got to go to wrk. more later. Thanks for this one. It was not worth it...I lost myself entirely as a writer to boot.