Friday, January 15, 2010

BLOG FLOG! - Friday

I have several today.

  • When I open up submissions, I shouldn't feel like I am opening up that present from your parents. You know the ones. They give you a big box, and inside of it are more and more little ones. When you do get to the present, you find it's socks. A simple binder clip in one envelope is fine.
  • Personal art work for your book? Drawing me images of your character on the outside of the envelope? Weird.
  • 2 inch margins?
  • Remember, paragraphs are indented and yes, this includes dialogue.
  • 14 pt., bold print summaries then shifting to blue, 10 pt, single spaced, italic font is not working for me.

Whew, 5 flogs in one day. My arm hurts!

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