Sunday, February 28, 2010


Tsk, Tsk, Tsk.

We sort of a have a double whammy here.

A) Making me go to the post office to pick up your submission.
B) Making me pay for it since you failed to put enough postage on it.



  1. You paid for it? Whatch it, Scott. Likable character traits are indicated here. Remarkable tolerance! LOL

  2. I did not say I paid for it. It is still at the post office. I am contemplating if I want to go get it or not.

  3. I mailed mine Saturday. I hope it didn't get there in remarkable time. I even weighed it on my postal scale and everything. According to my scale it should have cost as much postage as I sent it with. I will die if its mine. Does your mail run on Sunday?

  4. Have the post office return it to sender. The person will feel awful about the error when they get it back, and send it with proper postage (or perhaps even Fed Ex).

    It's best just to let the post office do it's job. I must admit I've contemplated putting the address I'm sending to as the return address also, so it goes there no matter what (properly sent with postage, or returned to sender if improper postage).