Monday, February 1, 2010

Critique and Fund Raising Opportunity - Repost

The South Sound Titans is a swim team located in Sumner, Washington. Each year, like other USA Swimming teams, they have a swim-a-thon to raise operating funds for the year. To assist this team, I am offering a chance for writers to help out, and to receive critiques.

This rules are simple, but please note, this is a fast turn around.

1. Writers may submit up to 50 pages of manuscript. Manuscripts must be double spaced and standard font size.

2. Writers donate $1.00/page to the South Sound Titans.

3. Checks are written directly to the SOUTH SOUND TITANS. Mail to:
South Sound Titan's Auction
c/o Greyhaus Literary Agency
3021 20th St. Pl. SW.
Puyallup, WA. 98373

4. Manuscripts are submitted electronically to the Greyhaus Literary Agency via the contest email address - Manuscripts should be submitted as an attachment and be submitted in a Rich Text Format (.rtf). Please include name and contact information in the message portion of the email.

5. Checks must be received by Feb. 13th. Submissions will not be read until the check arrives.

6. Critiques will be sent to the writer via email.

7. Please label submission in the Subject line as - SOUTH SOUND TITANS CRITIQUE.

8. Critiques are not considered pitches and no critique regardless of the quality will receive an offer to submit more material to Greyhaus Literary Agency or offer of representation. Writers can submit at a later date through the normal submission process.

9. Greyhaus Literary Agency is not receiving any profits from this critique opportunity. Greyhaus Literary Agency is in no way trying to gain new writers through this process. It is simply a way to assist writers and a non-profit organization.

Writers can learn more about the South Sound Titans on their website


Scott Eagan


  1. Great idea! Where should the checks be mailed to?

  2. Mail checks to Greyhaus Literary Agency, 3021 20th St. Pl. SW., Puyallup, WA. 98373.

    Thanks for helping.


  3. You're welcome & thank you for the critique opportunity while helping for a great cause!