Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just Some Reminders Regarding Submissions

This one will be a short post today. I just wanted to remind people about several things when it comes to submissions:

  1. If you want to know your manuscript arrived, please use delivery confirmation with the postal service. You don't need to have a signature, just use the tracking.
  2. Telling the agent to send you a personal note when he or she receives the manuscript is not going to work.
  3. Review the turn around time for agents. Although you might get your manuscript to the agent overnight, this does not mean that he or she will read it over-night.
  4. Feel free to check back AFTER that time the agent has posted to verify the status of a project. Don't rush the person though.

As for Greyhaus, please remember that my turn around time, although often quick, can be up to three months. In most cases, I wil get back to you within a 6 week time block on partials.

I just thought I would remind people of that. Remember that agents don't just sit around and read submissions. We have clients we work with on their projects, judge contests for your chapters, provide critiques for chapters and do spend time calling and working with editors.

At this point, I believe (although I am not by my computer right now) that I have close to 100 manuscripts that I have read, made notes on, but have to write letters for. I can speed that up if writers want "form letters" but from what I have heard, this is not something writers want.

In no way is this meant to be a guilt trip, just a reminder with a smile.


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