Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Paperwork Day

Sorry for the delay in getting things posted, but this was a paperwork day. Like writers, sometimes the work you do for your craft is not the creative type, but the constructive type. Still, like any good writer, there were things that I was able to deal with today for the writers.

  • Registration is all ready for RWA Nationals
  • Contacted PR reps for my clients
  • Contacted reps regarding movie and film proposal for one client.

Get the idea.

Still, I thought I would throw out a question for you all to deal with today. This deals with social media.

For myself, I use Twitter to keep track of what publishers are doing out there. I use the blog to get information out to writers and other professionals. That's it. Not going to dive onto Facebook or Myspace, to social for me.

What are the sites you use?

How do you use it?

How does this promote your writing and for the professional writers out there, have you honestly seen sales improve from some of these sites?

Just wondering.



  1. Ah yes, paperwork. I did a ton of that when I was teaching, I taught special ed.

    As for what I use as media outlets, I use Facebook and my blog-Bethanie's Imagination. I just started it Monday. I also talk to others on other blogs, such as Bella Online. I don't do MySpace, but many do. I use Facebook alot, but most of my friends are on that sight too. I sold fifty of my first book on Facebook, and others are wanting to buy my book that are on that sight, but that is about it. Have a great day!

  2. Media outlets - a good question. I follow 4 or 5 blogs daily, plus looking up random ones along the way. As for getting myself out there, I have a blog - very simply entitled Melissa Pearl.
    I should really find a better way to follow what publishers are up to. I have always relied on blogs by agents like yourself to keep me updated. Is this enough or should I be doing more?

    Good luck with that paper work :)

  3. I got into twitter because I'm really into "new media" (gotta love those catch phrases) so I don't know if I use it to promote much of anything. I'm more of a follower. I follow things that I'm interested & tweet about the things that I do or interest me.

    I have a youtube (that I don't use much anymore because my old computer hates revamped youtube) but as John Green has proved it can be an EXCELLENT avenue to promote your books. Thats where I found him. I think more authors should utilize youtube.

    I read a lot of blogs but don't specifically write my own yet. I have one I made a long time ago & am testing the waters by occasionally using it. Plan to create my own blog sometime soon.