Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Question from a Writer - Trends - And a Blog Flog!

I know you don't have a crystal ball (do you???) so this is just a question about your personal opinion/preference and your finger on the pulse . . .

Concerning story premise: what do you think would be more marketable right now (assuming the writing is SUPERB, let's say!)

an inspirational
a Mills and Boon style medical
a contemporary
an urban fantasy
a space opera
a Victorian mystery

Where do YOU see the opportunity for growth?

Tsk, Tsk Tsk. Karen, you are asking me for trends, aren't you? For that reason you get a little blog flog.

When it comes to writing, you have to write what you have the heart for and where your interest is at. If you don't write what you are interested in, you will end up not having the enthusiasm to want to finish the project. The side effect may also be your family screaming at you (husbands especially) saying, "why aren't you just finishing the project!) :)

I would also say that based on your list, you have a lot of different potential options to go. Find the one that is the right fit.

As I look at it though, there are some places that editors are probably wishing they had more of a variety to pick from. Medical romances from Mills and Boon are always in demand and very few people in the medical profession (if you are in this line of work, it might be where you want to be) write this genre.

Inspirationals are really big but you have to know that market inside and out. As far as the others, I don't really see trends.

Hope that helps and enjoy the "small" Blog Flog.


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  1. Ah-ha! I have obtained an insider opinion with only minor flogging burns in reparation. Success!

    (**flinches and creeps away to outline**)