Monday, May 3, 2010

Brenda Novak Auction - Special Greyhaus Offer!

Hey all,

As many of you know, I am a big supporter of the Brenda Novak Online Auction for Juvinile Diabetes. It's now off and running and again, I am offering two critiques for consideration.

I did want to explain my approach to the critiques:

  • Both come with personal conversations. One is at RWA Nationals and the other is by phone. If you are the winning bid for the personal meeting at Nationals and can't make it, I will call you instead.
  • I offer a line edit with EXTENSIVE marginal notes as to my thoughts.
  • I provide an indepth multi-page written response as well.

Brenda's auction goes for a great cause and I want to really see the Greyhaus followers show Brenda what we are like. So, with that said, here is the first of several deals I will offer (in other words, I may throw more out there as well).

Respond to this email and be the winning bid and I will double the size of the critique!

I should note you will have to include your name in the post so that I can keep track. Sorry Anonymous, you will have to come out of hiding!



  1. Hey everyone,

    I had a winning bid last year and I was amazed at my prize!

    Fabulous feedback gave me awesome tools for improvement. I even had the courage to then enter the Golden Heart and was thrilled to finish in the second quarter.

    Now I'm taking Scott's idea about expanding the ms and running with it.

    I recommend everyone checks out the Greyhaus Offer in Brenda's auction and gets bidding. It's fun, for a great cause and just may be a big career booster for you...

    Good Luck everyone! And thanks again Scott!

  2. I purchased a critique from Scott two years ago. Fabulous feedback...
    which is why he's at the top of my agent wish list. I'll be querying you in June, Scott...just so you know. ;-)

  3. Aren't you funny! I would rather not be remembered as someone who took years to publish a book, even though Cold Mountain and many others were in the writing at least "ten years." Very sweet of you to help Brenda out. Hope all the little Hauses are ready for the swim season. Horses too now?

  4. Hi Mr. Eagan. What "email" do you mean?

  5. Same diffirence. Got it. Thanks.

  6. Your last critique was great. Im definitely interested in going for it again. What do I do?? Thanks, Alan in Florida

  7. Wow...very generous of you! I browsed through the auction the other day and placed your proposal on my "watch list". I'll have to go back and have a look!


  8. I'd like to get in on your critique so I'll go watch the bidding.

  9. I'm putting in a bid on your critique. It's a great cause to support too. :)

  10. *I won, I won, I won!* the one-day auction. Squeeee! Now, here's hoping you think you are as lucky as I am to get to read my manuscript. LOL