Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What will I be looking for June 1

Hey all, I know you have been waiting to hear about this.

When the submissions re-open in June, I will be focusing my attention on specific genres. Please do take the time to review ALL of the material I have for you on the website http://www.greyhausagency.com/. DO NOT just start submitting material. I hate to break it to you, but a lot of rejections from me come from not paying attention to the guidelines.

As I said though, I will have a specific high priority list of things I am looking for. If you are someone that writes in these areas, this might be the time to submit.

June 1 is CATEGORY ROMANCE month! I am looking for those writers that want to start off and prefereably hang out for a while with the ladies of Harlequin and Silhouette. Carina Press is not on that list for me. If you are wanting to write for that line, please go directly to them.

If you are submitting category romances, please be sure that you know how your story truly fits that line. If I want more, please be prepared to submit the following:
  1. The full manuscript ready to go (in other words, if the story is not finished, don't submit!)
  2. 3-5 additional story ideas that also show fitting in that genre.

Stories do not need to be linked. They just need to fit the line.

WOMEN'S FICTION is in high demand - This is one of those that I encourage you to read all that I have said on this genre. These are single title stories that focus on true women's issues and what it is to be a woman. I DO NOT want stories that are full of extra baggage and that the premise of the story sounds like a soap opera. Issues should be real and writers should consier focusing on one theme only for each book.

I WANT CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE - I want real contemporary romance stories that read like historicals. In other words, I want depth and not fluff. I want real people falling in love in a real setting. I want readers to see how real people fall in love. Like the women's fiction, I don't want soap opera sounding contemporaries. Characters should fit together and really be held apart by a real conflict and not a simple misunderstanding.

Also, if you are previously published an want to work with an agent, please let me know. I do want to stress that when I say previously published, I am not talking about POD or self-publishing. I do want to build a full line of Category writers so this might be a place for you!

Are there things I am not so much interested in? Sure. This doesn't mean I won't consider it, but know that you are fighting an uphill battle with these genres:

  • Romantic Suspense
  • Westerns
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Vampire, Werewolf, Angel and Demon stories

Stay posted for more though!



  1. Thank you for telling me that. None of what I have fits what you are looking for, so I will not be submitting. Have a great summer!

  2. Bethanie,

    Make sure to review everything on the website. While these are certainly areas I am agressively looking for, I will look for anything else I represent. Now, if you are writing something I don't represent, then obviously I can't help!

  3. I have popped the info on my blog, thanks Scott.