Saturday, June 19, 2010

Questions from writers - Follow up to BlogTalk

Piper asked...

My question is two-fold:

1. How long is the typical wait to hear back on a requested full manuscript?
2. When would you, as an agent, come on board? Should I wait to pitch to you after I hear from her (assuming that it is good news)?

Let's talk about time. Since I know you pitched to a category house, the time can certainly run a bit longer. I would give at least 6 months if you want to do it on your own.

Now, with that said, if you have an agent that signs on to the project, that person can often call and find out the status. Sometimes an editor might be more eager to move on a project knowing there is an agent now in the game and that would mean another set of eyes has liked the project.

As far as pitching to an agent, there is really no right answer. Knowing your situation from the other information you gave to me, I would go ahead and pitch now. Make sure to explain ALL of the information in the cover letter when you do pitch.

Hope that helps.


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  1. Thanks, your answer certainly does help!