Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Follow Up On Synopsis Writing

I wanted to just say a couple of small things today regarding query letters and synopsis writing.

Remember, there is no one perfect way of doing this. The key is to get that information to the agent or editor in a timely fashion. We shouldn't have to dig for the information. In fact, I had a submission a while ago that came in via email that I had to dig for the title and genre. This author was all over the place telling me about the themes, what made the story unique, the audience it would target - in other words, not fun.

Secondly, and this goes for the synopsis I included yesterday. I forgot to mention that in this case, I eliminated the ending of it because the book just came out. I don't want to ruin it for some of you.

Finally, and this is most important. When you do your research, figure out what that editor or agent wants. Do your research. Remember that one size does not fit all in this business.


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  1. Reading your post yesterday I realized something. You want writers to succeed and become authors. After reading the synopsis I realized something else, even though you accept YA's, they are not really your first choice. However, you took the time and looked at my submissions and let me know what I needed to do with them to make them better. I appreciate that and I wanted to thank you. You are truly a great agent!