Thursday, July 29, 2010

RWA Orlando Update 11:27 pm

Busy but a very good day.

This message is for those of you reading blogs while here in Orlando, of course it goes for everyone out there.

Here are things I want and if you have them and are here in Orlando, COME AND SEE ME!!!

  • ALL SERIES ROMANCE (except for the inspirational lines). I can't scream this one loud enough!
  • WOMEN'S FICTION I want real stories about real women without baggage. Think UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN or EAT PRAY LOVE!
  • CONTEMPORARY ROMANCES - Again, I am looking for real romances with real people. I want full size single title stories and those for the AVALON line.
  • MEDICAL ROMANCES for the Harlequin line.

I'll be very honest here people. If the premise is good, I am asking for FULLS!


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