Wednesday, July 28, 2010

RWA Orlando - Wed. 3:18 pm EST

I had a few minutes so it was time to drop in and send out a couple of things I have seen and "heard" since arriving yesterday.

I have spoke to several editors that have said what I have said all along. They want something new. Every submission they are seeing is a copy of what is currently out there. They want to see stories that take the normal idea we are used to and turning it upside-down. How many times have I told you, show me something unique??

For the ladies on the Mears Shuttle to the D & S last night around 7:30 or 8:00 pm. If you have a story that "crosses genres" and the agents are not buying it... A) you were right because we wouldn't know where to market it, I have said that all along. This is something you should see going in. If you don't know where to market it, how would all of us? and B) The fact that we aren't buying IS NOT because we are "afraid to buy it" but that it simply isn't what anyone will buy (see comment A).

Remember, I am out and about and I am looking! CATEGORY ROMANCE WRITERS come find me. Tonight, I am in a black suit, with a green shirt. Won't be hard to find since I am one of the few guys here.


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