Friday, October 22, 2010

Reminders for November Submissions

I think it is time for me to restate s a few things since I'll be opening up submissions to more things in November.

  1. PLEASE READ MY SUBMISSION GUIDELINES - I am pretty clear about the genres I acquire and the ones I don't. Everything is posted so please, no sending me projects that you think I would like if it doesn't match the guidelines.
  2. KNOW YOUR VOICE - As many of you know, I always say that your writing only fits at limited houses. Know your voice and know which houses your writing fits at. I don't want to hear the ones you want to be at, but the ones your writing fits at.
  3. NO ONE HIT WONDERS - The simple fact is that I want people around for the long haul. If you only have one project and it took you 5 some odd years to write it, the odds are this is not the place for you. Expect to be producing a minimum of 2 books a year.
  4. KNOW THE BUSINESS - If you seem to think my job as an agent is to sell your book and do all the stuff you don't know, please don't contact me. Look, I want to work with new writers. I like to work with new writers, but this does not mean you are exempt from knowing the business.
  5. WILLINGNESS TO WORK, LEARN AND CHANGE - I fully expect you to listen to the recommendations I have to say. I will certainly listen to your ideas but I fully expect you to follow the guidelines that I set out. We will work on this together, but this has to be a team effort.

That about covers it.



  1. What genres will you be opening up to? All of these requirements sound feasible for me.

  2. Found it! Mea culpa. Next time I'll look harder.

  3. I really like your blog and your "straight shooter" personality. I'm currently working through revisions, but when I'm done, I plan to submit to you. I wrote it hoping to see it published by harlequin teen. Hopefully, you'll love it and we get to work together! (Fingers Crossed)

  4. Question: A lot of aspiring authors use AgentQuery to search for prospective agents. You seem to be a powerhouse in the romance field, so why aren't you listed on that site?