Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blog Flog - You're Missing the Point People!

There are days when I read the responses from writers on my posts and I have to really laugh. This is not so much from the authors telling jokes, but authors who make comments clearly showing me they are missing the point.

Let me highlight a few of the ideas that have come up over the last several months.
  • We talk about query letters and people are obsessed with the grammar elements instead of hearing the comment that your pitch and high concept element of the letter needs to sell us.
  • Someone commented about the query letters saying it is nothing more than a cover letter we "slap on a resume." Yes it is! But you would be surprised how many resumes are rejected because the cover letter didn't sell the product.
  • We talk about targeting your story and writers feel this is limiting your freedom of creativity. Again, this is not about stopping your creativity but thinking of market analysis and seeing this as business.
  • One agent makes a comment on a blog and then is slammed because a writer heard something different from someone else. Did anyone remember the comment about publishing being subjective.
  • Just because you or a friend did something, it doesn't mean it is a trend or the standard.

I think the whole point to consider is to take what you can use. Think BIG PICTURE here and don't focus strictly on the smaller points.

Now, off to play serious catch up after a great break with the family. Of course leaving 85 degrees to this disgusting rain and wind isn't working for me.



  1. I think this so often when I read blog comments. Looking forward to seeing the intepretations of this one ^_^

  2. Oh crap. I hope none of those was me.

  3. I feel your pain--back to the frenzy and all without sunshine to take the edge off. Ease into it!

  4. I think what happens is that people MISS key points because of their frustrations with what they don't understand. But never should they get so defensive that it comes off in an amateur way.