Thursday, December 16, 2010

Inside My Mind as an Agent - A storyline I will ALWAYS pass on!

There are a lot of storylines out there that happen in real life and while I am interested in finding stories out there representing the real world, there are a few storylines that I will always pass on. I figured I would throw out this little nugget for you all this year as an early Christmas present.

I will never sign a story where the main characters in the romance are involved in extra-marrital affairs. I don't care if this is a silly mistake or a lesson they need to go through to find each other again, these characters have lost my respect.

Yes, I understand this is an ethical issue, but it is one that I will always stick to.

Now, you can have the characters divorced, have outside relationships and then come back realizing they made a mistake and I might buy it (although I have frequently struggled finding real life relationships that have done this).

Honestly, the best way to really win me over is to have a main character being approached by an outside third party and then they turn it down. That move would show me the character has ethics and is a much stronger person.

Again, I understand things like this happen in the real world. I also know that many relationships have succeeded after such a move by one of the spouses, but for me, it will never work. I want to see them work through the relationship issues as mature grown ups. If they have fallen out of love, find a way to make them fall in love again, other than one night stands and outside relationships.



  1. I agree! Cheating is just wrong, and how can I fall in love with a character so lacking in integrity? Yes, real life happens, but I don't read for real life--I read for better than real life.

    What frustrates me is that there are alternatives to cheating--the character could end the relationship she's in before she hunts for a new love. I wish people in real life would figure that out too.

    As always, you got me over here from Twitter!

  2. Hmm. Thank you- I feel better now.

  3. Thank you. It's so good to know there's a man out there who still has morals and integrity and remains in love with his family.
    I've bought books and thrown them away without finishing because they depress me with the lack of commitment. You have two people who supposedly love each other. In the first chapter they can't be apart, then in the second chapter, for some silly shallow reason, their in love with a new person. It's like reading TV!