Friday, January 21, 2011

2012 Conference Challenge - Moving Scott across the country

When I opened Greyhaus, one of the goals I had was to increase communication between the writers and the "professionals" in the publishing world. Now, while I can't increase communication between every other professional, I could certainly make a small dent in it with my own agency.

I honestly believe if we can increase education we can really get some great writing out there for the public to read.

As a part of that education, I feel it is important for agents to get out there and talk to writers directly at conferences and in small chapter meetings. In those sessions, we can really talk about writing on a personal level.

I was thinking about this last night and came up with an idea I thought I would throw out there to all of you writers.

For 2012, I thought it would be fun to create a "tour" for Greyhaus Agency. How far can we move Scott across the country? In other words, instead of just having me travel from Seattle to your chapter meeting or conference and back again, move me from one chapter to the next.

I am thinking this might even be cheaper for some of the writing groups that might be on a fixed income. While moving me from Seattle might be expensive, moving me in a commuter flight or train might be cheaper.

At this point, I am only scheduled to be in Chicago in April.

So here is the challenge. Can you keep me moving from West to East. And yes, if those of you in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia want to keep me moving, the throw your writing group into the mix.

To make this work, you may have to work with chapters nearby.

This might be a crazy idea and it may go no where (or maybe I should say I won't) but who knows.

Heck, we might even be able to create a "tour" tee-shirt for this.

Think this one through. I dare you.



  1. come to the CARWA chapter - Calgary, Alberta!

  2. And we can't wait to see you in Chicago, which is right in the middle of everywhere. Come on folks! Help Scott fill all the states in between!

  3. Steena,

    Have your chapter president contact me to make arrangements.