Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Want My Oompa Loompa and Contemporary Romances Nooowwww!

Now that we have hit the beginning of 2011, I thought I would state up front a few of the stories I would really love to see and those that I am not really looking for. Of course, please remember that the list on the website is always the accurate list so stick to that one. While I might not be actively looking for it, your story might be something that will catch my attention.

My Want List!
  • CONTEMPORARY ROMANCES - I want big and powerful romances. I want real characters in real situations that are falling in love without all of the extra baggage and problems we often see being thrown in to keep the story going. I want to see these characters really come to know and love each other. I want single title size and feel for these contemporary romances.
  • CATEGORY ROMANCES - I am still actively looking for all lines of category romances. Read the guidelines for those publishers and be fully able to demonstrate you know the line and you see your place there. I also want authors that plan on staying there for a while and don't simply see this as nothing more than a stepping stone to supposedly bigger things.
  • WOMEN'S FICTION - Please make sure to read my definition of women's fiction. In this case, again, I want real women in real situations. They don't have to be in traumatic situations but I want to really focus on the "female journey." I want women to read these books and say to themself, "Ah, I now understand myself." I want books that women will want to share and talk about with each other. The focus here has to be on the woman and her journey.

Things I am not overly excited about...

  • Chick-lit trying to pass itself off as "romantic comedy"
  • Paranormals with vamps, werewolves (or simply demons and angels doing the same thing) Find me something unique
  • Haven't really gotten hooked on urban fantasy. Personally, I am still not impressed

Yeah, I think that about covers it.



  1. Scott,

    Can you give an example of a women's fiction book out there that is sorta what you're looking for? When I spoke with you at Nationals, I had the impression that your liking of women's fiction stays away from plot events and focuses more on character events. In my definition, this would be more Anne Tyler or literary fiction. Would you agree?

    If not, can you give an example? Amy Tan? Jodi Picoult?


  2. Elaine,

    Those are perfect authors to focus on. We are talking about stories that the characters are on a journey to understand who they are and their place in the world. When I read a story like this, I don't want to know what happens next, I want to know what the characters are thinking, why, and how that applies to the reader.