Monday, February 14, 2011

Question from a Writer - What about older writers

This question came up over the weekend and I thought it was a valid comment. I made a statement in my presentation that agents really want to see authors stay on for "the long haul." This statement is really true. We want to see you grow as an author. With that said though, what about the older writers?

An author asked me, "You know Scott, there are a lot of us authors out here that are 'getting up in our age'. Would you really sign someone who is older?" She did follow up that she had another professional allude to the fact that age does come into play when looking at submissions.


Now, I can only answer for myself. What other agents say and do is up to them. I can say that I do not discriminate. If the story is well written and the person has a strong sense of the business then I would certainly take a look at the author just like everyone else.

I did note that sometimes, the age of the author comes across in the writing. In cases like this, the writing tends to sound a bit out of date for what is currently going on out there now. In these situations, the writing would be the reason for rejection, not the author. There is a clear difference in the voice of writing done in the 80's and writing that is done now.

I would have to say, you have to do your research on the agents. This would certainly be a great question to ask. As for Greyhaus - you now know where I stand.



  1. That's nice to know for when I do get up there in years. I think YA writers have it the hardest. Seems they would have to be really in touch with the current lingo.

    Happy Valentine's Day.

  2. Laila - my teenage son keeps me in touch with the current lingo, yo.