Thursday, April 28, 2011

Congrats to the Royals

I know, I know. Everyone is out there to throw their two cents into the arena but hey, I wanted to send out a big congrats to the royals as well. I'm extremely excited because I honestly see something refreshing with this younger generation moving into the limelight.

I wanted to also remind you all of some great books that you should certainly be taking a look at that connect with the Royal Wedding. Two of Greyhaus Literary Agency's authors are also part of this series.

Mills and Boon Historicals, in recognition of the wedding put some of their strongest authors on the task of telling true stories and true romances from prior royals. Here are the links for the two Greyhaus Authors!

Princess Charlotte and Prince Leopold, 1816. As Princess Charlotte prepares to marry Prince Leopold, her most trusted lady, Isabelle Fenwick, must remain chaste and beyond scandal. Yet she has never forgotten darkly handsome Count Nikkolae Grazinsky and the kiss he stole … She later discovered the Russian had only used her for a wager, so why does he still seek her company? And why does the air tingle with anticipation when they are together? Surely this rake cannot be thinking of following Prince Leopold’s example and making a love-match?

Buy it here!

Prince George and Caroline of Ansbach, 1704. He may be the future King of England, but Prince George seeks a marriage that’s more than a mere political alliance. Masquerading as a lowly nobleman, George heads to the court of Ansbach to woo the renowned beauty, Caroline! Caroline has no knowledge that he’s the most sought-after bachelor in Europe. But however much she’s charmed by the mysterious gentleman, her duty is to accept a blue-blooded proposal… Still, she cannot deny she’s wickedly tempted by his red-hot proposition!
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Also part of this series are authors, Elizabeth Rolls, Michelle Willingham, Terri Brisbin, Lucy Ashford, & Mary Nichols.

There is a real connection between William and Kate's wedding and these authors. What you are seeing with Harlequin Historicals is a new generation of authors really finding a way to break free of conventions and put forth stories that really will set a new standard for historical romances.

For those of you who may have never had a chance to read either Bronwyn, or Ann's writing, this is a great way to be exposed to some fantastic writing.

Enjoy the weekend and I'll see you all on Monday!


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