Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You Are Part Of A Team

When I look at signing a new client, not only do I look at the writing, I also look at the author. I am a big proponent of being a team player and every writer I have at Greyhaus recognizes that. This is not simply a matter of selling your book, it is a matter of selling the company.

One thing many writers, I believe, fail to remember is that everything they say and do becomes a reflection the entire agency as a whole. How you look at a conference, the help you provide to other writers demonstrates what the entire agency does.

You have a lot riding on your shoulders when you sign with an agency. Not only are you out there to put out your best writing and your best work, you have to also remember that you are representing the other authors at that agency as well. People will associate you in a positive or negative light with the other people in the agency. Your reputation is their reputation.

It isn't only about sales here people. It involves personality!

Just something to short to consider on a Tuesday!


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  1. Thanks for posting sample titles from the Geyhaus, though in reality this is something every writer should be doing before submitting to an agent.

    And also thanks for posting regularly during the summer months when you ought to be out at a beach or lake.

    Best wishes,