Monday, September 26, 2011

Don't Limit Your Story - An example: UP ALL NIGHT

So, we are now seeing the new line-ups for TV. Among the list, and getting a lot of big publicity is the comedy UP ALL NIGHT with Christina Applegate. If you have ever had kids, the things these two are going through is truly a riot and brings back a lot of memories (both good and bad). I was thinking about this though, and it got me thinking about writing stories. Clearly, these writers and producers missed a point in their planning. There is simply no longevity for this show.

Regardless of how good the show might be, how great the writing is, this show has a limited lifespan. Why? Think of the premise... This story is about a couple and the trials and tribulations of having a newborn in the house. Now, unless these characters are going to discover that the baby is an insomniac, the show is over when the baby grows up.

I bring this up because too often, we ahve a great idea for a story, but fail to think of how quickly the story can come to an end. This all deals with the conflict. In other words, if we can fix the conflict in the first chapter of the book, you simply don't have anything to write about. The story is over. As an author, you simply cannot drag something out over the course of 75,000 plus words when the solution happens too quickly. The writers will get tired of it and you lose your credibility as an author.

Just something to think about for the day.


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  1. Hey Scott, I understand and agree with your premise but to keep the show going they could have another baby...and next season, another...simple fix, right? ;)