Thursday, November 17, 2011

Susan Edwards is Back

For all of the fans of Susan Edwards, you can now get her backlist. Check it out now! Susan is here to chat a bit today. Make sure to say hi!


What’s better than seeing your books in print for the first time? Watching them being released a second time with new covers and in a new format! It is very exciting to have my WhiteSeries once again made available to my readers in digital format with Carina Press.

My White series has always been close to my heart—each character became my brother, sister, best friend, etc. and now it feels as though a long awaited family reunion is taking place. I've even ordered copies of my own books for my nook and plan to reread each book and become reacquainted with each character! Even the villains, for there is nothing like seeing justice served!

It is hard to believe that my first book, White Wind came out more than 15 years ago. I started that book way back in the eighties. I had an idea for a book and it didn’t go away. So I thought, why not? I could write a nice scene or two. Or three. Hey, how about even just a love scene in this wonderful setting that I could see so clearly in my mind. So, just for fun, I started writing as though I was a writer. But I ran into the first problem.

In the middle of the action, my hero and heroine stopped. Yes, they just stopped and looked at me and asked, “Why us?” Suddenly I had all these questions swimming in my mind.

 What had brought my two willful characters to this stream at the same time?

 What connected them?

 Why would this mighty warrior want to claim this white girl?

 What made him fall in love with her and risk everything for her? And he did. My honorable (and very virile) hero, Golden Eagle was determined to rescue a very stubborn heroine named Sarah.

 Why did Sarah choose to go with a man society deemed a ‘savage’?

Well, I had no clue and Sarah and Golden Eagle just sat there waiting for me to come up with the answers. Huh? Did they think I was a writer? Not me. Never did any writing at all (except pass notes in class and write chatty letters to my great-grandmother) and had never had any desire to do so. Well, Sarah and Golden Eagle just shook their heads and let me know that despite never having written before, it didn’t matter because I was a Storyteller! A vivid imagination, a love of romance and the Native American Historical genre were all that was required. Okay, not quite but I got the message.

I took the time to figure out who these characters were, what their problems were and when we once again met at that stream in the wilderness, I just sat back and gave directions like a director and this time, my characters knew their lines and away we went!

And that is how my writing career began for once I started, I could not stop. I loved writing about this family. Sarah and Golden Eagle had four children and it just seemed natural to continue the series as my readers were beginning to fall in love with this family as well. Especially White Dove and Jeremy Jones. I had many letters begging and yes, even demanding their story!

And honestly, I was right there with each and every reader for that was one story that just called to me and I chomped at the bit until the books before White Dove were written. So from two people, who met by chance, an eleven book series was born.

Over the years, I’ve valued and treasured the comments my readers made regarding my characters and how they’ve affected their lives: from the mother who read the books to her dying daughter, to the lonely women who found companionship and to women who appreciated the guts, and the willingness of the heroine’s and hero’s to do whatever it took to overcome adversity and so much more.

I’ve addressed several of society’s problems like abuse and handicaps. My blind heroine, Mattie (a child in White Dreams and not blind) was one of the hardest books to write yet one of the most satisfying books. I was so afraid that I would receive letters protesting the fact that she does not regain her sight by a miracle but I didn’t receive a single complaint. Mattie was so comfortable and in tune to her world, that “fixing” her would have cheapened the story and her courage.

Each of the White Books has a story that means something to me. Jessie in White Wolf is a lot like I was in my youth. I could go on and on with each book but then I’d be writing a book instead of a blog! I will say that so many of the letters I received from readers were stories in and of themselves but with one common theme: a love for each of these characters who made a difference in their own lives. And even after the print version of the books was no longer available, letters still pour in from readers asking for the books, and the stories and for new stories.

Just writing this blog makes me all teary and homesick but just as these books will be available once more to my readers, I will become acquainted anew with each book and each character. Going back to the reunion idea, I am working on a White Reunion.

But for now, I am grateful to Scott Eagan, Carina Press and my editor Angela James, for their parts in once again making this series available.

Leave your comments on writing, series, how you became a writer, etc. and be entered into a drawing to win an epub copy of White Dawn. More contests happening on my website. New information going up this weekend to celebrate the new releases of White Dawn, White Dusk, White Shadows, White Wind.

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White Dawn: Book One of Susan Edwards' White Series

White Dawn: Book One of Susan Edwards' White Series

White Dusk: Book Two of Susan Edwards' White Series

White Dusk: Book Two of Susan Edwards' White Series

White Shadows: Book Three of Susan Edwards' White Series

White Shadows: Book Three of Susan Edwards' White Series

White Wind: Book Four of Susan Edwards' White Series

White Wind: Book Four of Susan Edwards' White Series


  1. Congratulations! And thanks for writing a bit about your 'writing process.' That's always interesting. Looks like a great, heartfelt series :)

  2. Wow. I'm so glad I found Scott Eagan and his blog. I love discovering authors new to me, and you are new to me, Ms. Edwards. Just in reading your entry, I want to read your books.

    Thank you for sharing some of your story in how you got to where you are now. And congratulations on your latest success.