Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Time To Evaluate Your Critique Partners

Critique partners are essential in the business of writing. Too often, writers fail to take advantage of this great resource and really flounder as they navigate the world of publishing on their own. Unfortunately, for these writers, they often find their faces slamming directly into brick walls and not knowing why it happened. With that said, I have to also note that too often, writers with critique partners will often do the same thing. Why? The crtique partner situation is just broken.

I have mentioned this here before, but one book I love to go to for inspiration is A POCKET MUSE. In this, the author notes that writers really need to have two critique partners for everything they do. One is there to encourage and to make you feel good. The other is there to tell you the truth. Unfortunately, too many writers have the first critique partner and not the second. Sure you are all encouraged to get to that THE END, but the stories end up as something that simply will not be something editors or agents will want.

There are also situations where the critique partners are both so clued out to the world of writing, that they end up giving each other misleading or simply wrong information. In this case, the authors are not intentionally trying to hurt the other person, it is simply a case of the blind leading the blind.

As an author, you need to stop every now and then to evaluate how the relationship is working. Maybe this is a time to break with the group and work with someone new. No, this does not mean the friendship is bad, it simply means it is time for some new feedback and new direction.


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  1. I've never really had the feel good critiques. I have critical parents who are addicted to telling the truth, (bastards!). It's to the point where I'm suspicious of my husband's praise, thinking he's just being polite to spare me the ruthless evisceration!